Photos of the Love given to Jocko from the people of Maitland, Australia


Train Station

This is at the train station in Sydney,  Australia.  And a view of the great sky line

Australia #1 Waymon and friends at the Sydney, Australia world famous Harbor

Australia #3This is my friend Dundee and Shaka on the Harbor, my friend bird dancing

Australia #5                                 My friends performing on the world  famous Harbor in Sydney, Australia

Australia #1                       Waymon on the world famous Harbor learning how to bird dance with friends

Australia #2

                                      Performing On the Sydney Harbor doing their native bird dance

Australi #4                               My friend Ali and his lady friend, and Dun Dee an uncle of Crocodile Dun Dee.

Australia #5                            My friends entertaining the visitors at the World Famous Harbor Water Front

Australia #0The fountain of the Queens “Talking Dog”, plus a view of Sydney, Australia skylineJocko standing on curb side, Jack and Jocko in City              Australia #7

Jack and Jocko in city Council office, through the Bank window you can see Jocko

Australia #11                           Hotel  Biltmore,  Maitland, Australia Great Place, Great people, Great Service

Jack doing interview with T.V. Reporter and Camera Man. Great  interview.

Australia #8                     Waymon and Jocko in the Bank and Jocko at curb side, Jocko and my friend Jack .

Australia #10                                   The citizen of Maitland, Australia milling about while admiring Jocko.

Australia #12             Brandon, Waymon, and Jack meeting with the News Media, Got the big news in the paper

Australia #13                                     Got the great news with jocko across the street watching and smiling.


Australia_Nov._8_-_15_2009_Jocko_025 (1)

My friend Jack Paten, and my first time tasting a Kangaroo steak.