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Who would have thought that a little Negro Boy from a little town near the Delaware River could ignite the hopes of a whole army?During the December 1776 defeat that General Washington faced against the British forces, all he needed was a little hint of hope that he could give to his troop for their reparation. Unexpectedly, he found it from a twelve-year old boy name jocko

Jocko Black Boy and LefallJOCKO is the name of the boy who froze to death holding horses for the President George Washington. Years later when having statues of Jocko on the lawns became trendy, abolitionists working with the Underground Railroad used to covertly decorate these statues with different color cloth to signal to runaways where the safe houses were. It is important for Black people to know both of these stories about Jocko and his statue because they are markers in the history of this nation that point to our history in America’s caste system

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